Why use a copywriter?

Because good copy matters

Good copy gets noticed (and rewarded) by search engines

Good copy keeps customers on your site

Good copy portrays your brand personality and gives you authority

Good copy drives customers to take action

Good copy provides a platform to interact and engage with your customers

Good copy presents your expertise and experience in a way that customers can relate to


When to use a copywriter

Create content that works. Deliver communication that is concise. Speak to your audience in their language.

With an expert copywriter on your team, you have access to a wordsmith who can take your expertise, your experience and your passion and roll it all up into words your customers can easily digest.

When I create copy for you, I am thinking about:

How to engage with your ideal customer or to appeal to new customers.

To use carefully researched search terms to boost your website’s position in organic ranking.

Making the copy helpful, enjoyable to read and engaging. Not only will this help your customers come to trust you, it helps improve your website's performance. Google is always looking at stats like traffic and bounce rate when it decides how to rank your website on the Google Search Results Page.

Creating a tone and style that fits your brand personality. Have some fun with your words, be memorable.


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